Redusernab Asks: Did you enjoy any of the Super Bowl car commercials?

The 53rd Super Bowl is in the books. The best team won, which is great for me and my fellow Patriots fans. The game itself wasn’t terrible thrilling unless you’re a fan of brilliant defensive plays. And if you’re a car fan just watching for the commercials, there wasn’t a ton going on there either.

Did you have a favorite car commercial? The only three I really remember are the Hyundai spot with Jason Bateman, the Kia ad, and the Audi eTron GT daydream ad.

Of those three, I got a sensible chuckle from Bateman in the Hyundai commercial. Seeing the eTron GT is always a pleasure though, and I can’t wait to see that thing head to market.

Did you enjoy any of the automaker spots? Sound off below.

And if you didn’t, share a past ad that you still enjoy.

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