Redusernab Asks: Did you do anything with your car or truck over the holiday weekend?

I could see the hills in the distance. There would be dust, dirt, and bumps. My Montero looked far too clean, so I decided to fix that. The run through Santiago Canyon occurs at a slow to medium pace, as it’s a tight bit of tarmac with houses on both sides. Beyond them, the canyon walls rise up sharply. Keep following that road and eventually you’ll reach a gate.

If it hasn’t rained in a bit, that gate will be open and you can motor on towards the trailhead. There’s still asphalt for another mile or so but soon that yields to mother nature. The trail immediately turns sharply to the right and the pitch rises.

It’s not challenging. Any stock off-roader will have zero issues, and most will find no reason to even switch into four-wheel drive. Still, it’s a bit of fun dirt that leads to scenic views, and it’s not far from home. It was a fun way to burn three hours (roundtrip, from my door and back again) during part of a long weekend.

Did you do anything with your car or truck this past weekend? If so, share your story below.

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