Redusernab Asks: Are we really ready for all these new EVs that are coming out?

Just about every automaker is working on a new electric vehicle. An absolute EV, not one of those hybrid things with the conventional engine and a plug. Nope, fully electric vehicles, from just about every maker. The most notable exception is Toyota, who is sticking to the hybrid concept and does not currently have a plan for a pure EV. I’m sure there are others. 

Annual United States auto sales for the last three years have averaged over 16 million vehicles per year. Of those, less than 2% are electric vehicles. But the sales of EVs are trending up and with many new models coming to the market, that percentage will only increase. 

But there is more to cars than just their availability. Today we are asking if we have the right infrastructure to support 10% of annual vehicle sales to be pure EVs? That is roughly 1.6 million vehicles. It won’t happen next year but it will happen. What is the availability of charging stations where you live and work? How long are you willing to allow your vehicle to charge? What’s the longest road trip did you take last year? Is our power grid, with its random summer black-outs, able to support charging all these vehicles?

From my perspective, as I explained in my Kia Soul EV+ review, nope, at least not in downtown Boston. But your situation may be different.  

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