Redusernab 24 Hours-of-LeMons Craigslist Weekend – How about a Couple of F-85s?

Welcome to another Redusernab Weekend. For this weekend I thought I would try and introduce all of you, our loyal Redusernab fans, a way of enjoying a 24-hours-of-LeMons event in the only way one should, by participating in one. A little confession here… I did participate a couple of times in these events, but getting a car running isn’t really one of my all time favorite things to do. I know I know, I should turn in my Hoon card for that remark, but trying to diagnose an electrical problem in an overcomplicated crappy German LeMons racecar, or changing a head gasket on an overstressed Japanese Crap Car is not my idea of having a great time on the track. Therefore, I thought I would go out and find some under stressed Detroit iron, currently in running condition, that would get you the most time out on the track, while needing very little mechanical expertise if repairs are needed. Let’s start with a couple of mid 60s Oldsmobile F-85s…

Here is a 1964 Oldsmobile F-85 Sedan, a contender for the coveted IOE award if I ever saw one. This one has a very under stressed 330 CID V-8, backed up by a 2-speed “Jetaway” automatic. The ad states that it is in excellent running condition, with good floorboards, frame, and the all important trim pieces. Why are the trim pieces important? Well, you are going to attempt to sell off the interior, trim, and glass to get the price of this car under $500 somehow, right? See the Craigslist listing here.

Here is also a 1964 Oldsmobile F-85 except the ad states that its a 1963… Anyway, the same rules apply here, except its a smaller engine, and needs brake work and a gas line. Take it from me, replacing the gas line is infinitely less complicated that trying to solve a problem with your mechanical fuel injection on your rat trap Alfa Romeo Milano Crap Car. This car is also a lot less money, so after selling off the interior, you could feasibly start at $0, leaving room for new shocks, or even a tuneup! See the listing here.

To review, these postings are going to show you how to get an affordable 24 Hours of LeMons race car, have it last on the track for most of the weekend, without pulling your hair out trying to change an engine, solve electrical issues, or worry about head gaskets. You will also not be in the front running off with an outright win, but what fun is that?

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