Hooniversal "User Submission" Weekend: Scary Steering Edition

don't try this at home kids!

This reared it’s ugly head on Facebook and Drunkcast last night.  Sure, it has been around since Al Gore invented the internets but I believe it’s worth blowing the dust off it every coupla years.
Behold!  The ultimate enthusiast site dedicated to “hold my beer while I weld this without really thinking about the consequences” engineering. What could possibly go wrong?

the ultimate anti-theft device, can't steal it if you can't get into it

rebar, if it is good enough for structural engineering, it's good enough for your steering linkage

I think those little coils in the back are overkill

booger welds FTW!


for those times when 4 leaf springs just doesn't cut it

suspension travel is for p*ssies!

hat tip to damnelantra!

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