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Last week I noted that Herbie the Love Bug – star of the Love Bug movies was in fact like a G-rated version of Stephen King’s car-from-hell classic, Christine. It seemed natural then to follow up this week with the film adaptation of King’s 1983 novel, the John Carpenter-directed Christine which was released the very same year. Carpenter of course is the master of demonic characters having previously helmed Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing among others. Interestingly, both of the film’s top stars – John Stockwell and Keith Gordon – would later go on to have semi-notable directorial careers too.
Before that however, they, and Alexandra Paul, would meet a 1958 Plymouth Fury born in Detroit, but fathered… in HELL! In the film Gordon plays a high school nebbish who remarkably is best friends with Stockwell’s football hero BMOC. A chance run in puts Gordon behind the wheel of Christine, the beat-to-hell Fury, and both car and owner begin a remarkable and alarming transformation. The rest of the story is a complex mix of revenge, jealousy and how far friendship can go, all driven by a possessed and possessive car.
The trailer after the jump is fan-created but it’s better than the original teaser, which I’ve also linked there. Check them out… if you dare.[]https://youtu.be/O08w8CegEeg[/]
The original teaser may be seen here, and if you want to watch the whole thing – I know I do – then your options are Encore on Cable, Netflix disc to door, or maybe your local library. Did you know that libraries often have movies you can check out? You should check them out too.

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