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Blood Car
Do you like campy horror*slash*comedies? Do you like low budgets, stilted acting, and ridiculous premises? If all of those things spin your tach then you will most likely find 2007’s Blood Car to still be one weird-ass movie.
Set in the near future when gasoline is over thirty dollars a gallon and everyone seems to be eating lead paint, the focus of the movie is Archie Andrews, a pacifist vegan kindergarten teacher who’s seeking a natural replacement for petroleum to power cars. The movie’s title pretty much gives away what the secret ingredient is in his eventual successful concoction, and most of the plot involves his getting enough of it to drive his girlfriend around, while keeping the source concealed from her. While you are watching all this go down, the question most likely lingering at the front of your mind is what is Anna Chlumsky doing in this?
I’ve seen this movie in its entirety and I can tell you it’s just as whacked as films like Liquid Sky and the original Little Shop of Horrors, from which it cribs a lot of its plot. Still, it is – and I’m stealing this quote – “frequently funny.” The trailer is after the jump, but be forewarned it is NSFW owing to one bad word on-screen. Still, you can watch it when you get home. Bring the kids too, they’ll love it!
If you have the old school Netflix disc to door service you can have them deliver Blood Car, otherwise it’s a pricy DVD or ridiculously pricy Blu-ray.


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