Hoonigan and Sara Price take on the Mt Washington Auto Road

Hoonigan has been on the search for a driver. They want a young lady that displays talent behind the wheel to rise up and take on the task of racing a car while flying the Hoonigan flag. That lady is Sara Price, and that car is a rally-prepped Fiat 124 Abarth.
Sara won the job after taking on a number of challengers that were handpicked from thousands of entries. She has a background in off-road racing and motocross, but now she is going to be running mostly tarmac with the rally Fiat.
Her first task in the car is a bit of a tall order. She has to compete in the Climb to the Clouds hill climb event. This is the oldest hill climb in the country, and it unfolds on the insanely tight, twisting stretch of tarmac known as the Mt. Washington Auto Road.
There are no guardrails. There are only amazing views, massive drops, and little oxygen waiting at the top. This is a tough event, but Sara is clearly a tough driver ready for the challenge.
Her father’s words for her before she heads up the hill are epic, and Sara does her best to do just that. There was a mechanical issue with the car, but Sara still pressed on and prior to the issue she was running very hard.
Great work Sara, and great effort by all at Hoonigan.

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