Let’s have a look at Australian van clubs in the 1970’s

Car culture in the 1970s was, in general, a pretty awesome thing. You had affordable cars packing big engines roasting the rear tires. Down in Australia, one of the hot vehicles of the time was the van. Instead of working with massive displacement and straight-line speed goals, van owners opted for shag carpets, wood wherever possible, and mirrored ceilings. Australian van culture in 1977 was pretty awesome, and you can see it for yourself.

On an episode of a tv show called Flashez, ABC TV Australia spoke to van owners to get a better understanding of their motives for modifying their rides. Be it quadrophonic sound, a desire for panel-side art, or to simply have more room compared to their car-loving friends, the van culture kicked serious ass in late 70’s Australia.

Though, to be fair, you could clean up the footage a bit and be tricked into thinking this was a hipster van show in 2018.

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