Honda restored a Chevy Apache pickup

Honda makes the Ridgeline pickup. If we’re going to be honest, the unibody Ridgeline is 90% of the truck that 85% of people will need. It certainly capable enough to transport a pair of dirt bikes. So why in the world wold Honda restore a sixty year old Chevy?

Because before long Honda sold cars in the United States, they sold motorcycles. And sixty years ago Honda needed to be able to deliver those motorcycles to dealers. And they did it using those Chevy pickups.

#TuesdayTrivia – Did you know when we started selling motorcycles in the U.S., @Chevrolet Apache 10 pickups were used to deliver them to dealers? In honor of our 60th anniversary, we restored a truck to authentically match the one in the original photo.

— Honda (@Honda) June 18, 2019

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