Holden to your hats (I'm so sorry…): The Commodore is coming!

We’ve heard a bit o’ exciting news this morning that comes courtesy of our friends down under. General Motor’s Australian arm Holden is getting ready to bring the Commodore to the United States. Not only is the full-size rear-driver heading here, but it’s being reported that a few other body styles will follow suit not longer after the Commodore. First to make the trek though is the large four door, which will arrive stateside with Chevrolet badges, and it will be called the SS.

Initially, the Chevrolet SS will make its debut on the left-turn loving tracks of NASCAR. That should occur in 2013, and then the public will get their turn behind the wheel sometime in 2014. If this sounds awesome, you better have your money ready. General Motors says that the amount arriving in dealerships will be fewer than the 50,000-odd Pontiac G8 sedans that were sold during that vehicles production run.

No word yet on what the other body styles might be. If we could suggest something… offer either a wagon or a ute, we don’t care which because both sound awesome. The wagon will sell better, and the ute will be crazier, but both will be welcomed with open arms by all here in the Redusernab.

[Source: Autoblog]

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