Hillclimb Monster: Watch a 700-hp Mitsubishi Evo scream up a Swiss hill

The Mitsubishi 4G63 engine can be modified to do marvelous things. While there are a number of lower horsepower offerings using this engine, the performance minded vehicles fitted with this inline-4 are entertaining even in stock guise. Take the 4G63 and slap on crazy turbos, bore and stroke the engine, and then hold on. Like with this Evo 8 shown above, which now produces 700 horsepower.
Driver Thomas Kessler is taking this beast up the St. Ursanne hill climb event in Switzerland. The car weighs just a bit over 2,400 pounds. Stock, the car is about 3,200 pounds and it’s engine puts out quite a bit less power.
This is truly a proper hill climb monster and the driver grabs it by the scruff of the steering wheel. Click play and watch (and listen) to the action above.

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