Hell. Yes. '15 American-LaFrance 14.5 liter Speedster … 'nuff Said.

No, this isn’t a replica of Lord Humungus’ chariot of death … it’s an American-LaFrance Speedster, circa 1915. This eBay find is so chock full of the primordial building blocks of unprecedented hooning potential that it’s difficult to summarize. Let’s begin with the fact that this is a factory-built race car constructed around that own company’s pre-WWI fire truck chassis. It has an 802 cubic inch, 105 horsepower T-head six-cylinder engine that sends power rearward via a freakin’ chain drive!

Look at that! Cylinders cast in pairs! And each of those individual cylinders displaces 2.41 liters, in case that conveys the gravity of the situation. To stop all of this mass, you had mechanically actuated brakes – on the rear only.
It’s not like this behemoth could ever be registered on the road without a significant bribe, but if it were, I think the only appropriate license plate holder would have to read, “Look on my works, all ye mighty, and despair!” Plus, the monocle windscreen is WAY classier than any neoclassical continental trunk kit. You’ll get all the truck-stop babes driving this one!
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