Gemballa Enzo?!

Ferrari TIE Fighter?

I just stumbled across what may be the wildest Enzo to date…
Hop the jump for the story and a few more pics.Apparently, someone in Dubai decided to hook up with Porsche Tuner Gemballa – to work on a Ferrari Enzo. The result is the above creation. I think most of us here in the Redusernab will have mixed feelings on this one … but I have to tell you, that view from the front is kind of bad ass.
The view from the side and rear… well, that is another story.

Did they turn a Ferrari into a Ferraro?

Here is nothing a little bit more insight from a supposed source:

I’ve been holding a secret for a long time…A while back one of my friends (a member of the Galadari family) in Dubai told me about this project they were working on with Germany’s famous Porsche tuner Gemballa. The project shocked me because of just how insane it was. After seeing some early sketches of the project, I was convinced that it would turn out to be pretty wild!
Now many months later after painfully suppressing this secret, the pictures are here. The Gemballa Enzo project lives!
I’ve been given permission finally to release the pictures, but it seems that I might not be the first to leak them. Regardless I think I was one of the very first to know about this project many months ago, so I still feel its relevant to publish these here.
It should be known that the car is called the MIG-UI by Gemballa. It is named after Mustafa and Illyas Galadari with Mustafa’s name being first in this order because the base Enzo was his own personal car.  The car is a limited edition model which has been produced for the “Illyas and Mustafa Galadari Group” of Dubai. The Illyas and Mustafa Galadari Group is Gemballa’s Middle East distributor. The details will be released at a future invitation only launch in Dubai.

For more pics, head over to .
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