Formula E is in townand I'm going to check it out

Formula E in Mexico 2016
While the Tesla Model 3 makes plenty of waves in the news, it’s a different kind of electric vehicle I’m interested in this weekend. Formula E has arrived once again into the port city of Long Beach, California. It’s just up the road from where I live, so I’ll be heading on up to hang out and learn more about this sport.
ABT and Volkswagen will serve as my guides, and I’ll be sitting down to chat with proud pilots of these electron-sucking vehicles. Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi are set to run these quiet machines through the road course that a week later will play host to much louder, smoke-making drift machines.
So before I head out to the track and chat with the team, what would you like to know about this sport? We the cars? We the drivers and the team? Ask away in the comments below and I’ll try to have an answer for you next week.

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