Former Formula Drift car basically a steal at $46,100

To buy a ready-to-go race car is a tall task. A task that relies on you, as the buyer, having large bags of cash at your disposal. Well, for a good race car, at least. On the low end of real-deal racing machines, you’ll find the Mazda MX-5 Cup Car with a starting price of $68,000. A used Radical SR3 will cost about the same. Undercutting both of those cars is a racing machine we told you about back on February 19th; the Papadakis Racing-built 2017 Toyota Corolla iM Formula Drift car.

It just sold for $46,100.

Now, that’s a lot of cash for a used Corolla. But this Corolla finished second overall during the 2017 Formula Drift season. It was well driven by Fredric Aasbø. And it comes wearing its full assortment of racing gear, which includes the onboard fire suppression system, all of the electronics, the seats and harnesses, and, most importantly, the might mill under the hood.

Lift that hood, and you’ll find the 1,000 horsepower 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It makes use of nitrous as well, and it’s backed up by a beefy four-speed manual gearbox. The engine and transmission alone are likely worth the price of admission here, or at least close to it.

Word on the street is that a Pro2 team scooped this one up. Hopefully the driver of that team is prepared for the awesomeness they’re now ready to unleash. And a climb up to Pro might not be far behind.

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