For Sale: "Beautiful Italian Paperweight!"

Beautiful Italian cars. The look fantastic. They sound amazing. They are very fast. And they handle great. What else would a hoon want out of car?
Oh, right. A hoon would want a reasonable price, reasonable reliability, and a reasonable cost of ownership.
That is exactly what the owner, and now seller, of this Maserati wanted. Unfortunately he didn’t get it. So now he is selling the car. I haven’t owned an Italian car (but I have an Italian wife, so it’s kind of the same thing) but I assume that like in a boater’s life – the two best days are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. 

I am going to let this brilliant ad speak for itself. 
The . Below are additional images of car from the ad in case it disappears. 
Thanks for this amazing link, Tony, my cool Italian friend!

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