Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Thieved Car Names

Last Friday, we asked you which good car names are yet to be used. Manufacturers nowadays vigilantly guard their trademarks, and litigate over the use of their trademarks at the drop of a hat. Ford famously sued Kawasaki over the use of Zephyr, Audi got in a legal tussle with Nissan over the letter Q (yes, really), and Carol Shelby has sued…well, pretty much everyone.
It wasn’t always that way. American Motors blithely trotted out the AMC Matador in ’71 without so much as a cease-and-desist letter coming their way from Chrysler, despite the Matador Dodge had produced a decade earlier.
So, what model nameplates can you name that were used by two different manufacturers?
As is the rule with these, read the comments first and try not to duplicate.
DIFFICULTY: A bit of a head-scratcher, ain’it?

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