Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Cars With Both Inline Six & V6 Engines

I was discussing with a friend what modern engine would be a good swap candidate for a . When I mentioned the Buick 3800 V6, he recoiled in disgust. “You can’t replace a straight six with a V6; that’s blasphemy.” Well, it turns out that by his yardstick, there are a lot of blasphemous manufacturers out there, because a number of platforms have housed both vee and straight 6-cylinder engines. And that, my friends, is the topic that will fill another blank page of our virtual reference guide.
The Caveats (there are always caveats):

  • I am looking for examples of the two different configurations in the same platform, not model. That means that structurally unrelated generations that just share a nameplate don’t count. Conversely, if the same basic body shell was shared between marques or manufacturers, it need not have both engine styles under the same brand name.
  • The two engine designs do not have been offered concurrently; they simply must have both been used at some point in the platform’s production run.
  • Obviously, we’re talking about production cars here, so it has to be something in serial production. The only exception I’ll make is if the manufacturer displayed a prototype version of an existing model with a different engine that never made it to the assembly line.
  • Cars, SUVs, light trucks, and vans are all fair game. If you can make the motorcycle or airplane thing work, I’d be very impressed.

Difficulty: 2.6 microfarads per fathom.
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