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It’s a weird thing about symmetry. Studies have shown that things that are symmetrical look more appealing to people: faces, bodies, houses, bridges, and most other things. Before you scream at me that people are in fact symmetrical, they aren’t really perfectly so. My left ear sticks out a lot more than my right ear, for instance. Both of women’s boobs may not be exactly the same, just as can men’s testies can be different from each other. 
But cars, cars are almost always symmetrical. Yes, the steering wheel isn’t in the middle unless you’re in a McLaren F1 or various race cars. But on the outside, they’re almost always the same. One of those cars that are asymmetrical is the Hyundai Veloster, which happens to be significantly updated for 2019. But more on the Veloster later, just know that it’s bloody brilliant. 
Today we are looking for asymmetrical cars. Please don’t just google it to be cool. Rather, think of something different than the Veloster or the Nissan Cube, be original. And don’t say that because a vehicle has an exhaust pipe on one side and not another it’s asymmetrical. 
The Caveats (there are always caveats):

  • Must a standard production vehicle.
  • No one-offs, no concepts, no race cars, other such show specials. 
  • Military equipment is allowed as long as it’s more than a prototype.
  • Utility equipment is also allowed as long as it has been in mainstream use. 
  • Buses and trains are not allowed as most of them are asymmetrical based on door layout alone.*
  • Vans and minivans are not allowed for the same reason as buses.*
  • *Exceptions will be made for vans, buses, and trains, but the asymmetry has to be more than just door layout. 
  • The vehicle must have at least one seat – so no lawn-mowers or things like that. 
  • Vehicles must have three wheels or more. 
  • The vehicle must be self propelled – I don’t want to see a stroller or a Big Wheel

Difficulty: 5 out of 10, the other 5 is easy. 
Image: Kamil Kaluski/Redusernab 2018

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