Down on the Amsterdam Street – Citroën DS Safari

I’m not going to lie, this banana yellow Citroën DS Safari (or Break, or Wagon, or Estate) was one of my favourite sightings in Amsterdam. Thanks to the colour, it was easily spotted on the canal side, as we were walking in the fairly freezing wind towards the Hermitage. The Hermitage houses the van Gogh collection at the moment as the actual Vincent van Gogh museum is under repair.

We missed the collection by some 10 minutes that day, as the museum was already closing, but at least we saw the Citroën on the way, right?

Since I can’t run the plates, I have only a vague idea of the car’s production year. The Safari was produced from 1958 on, but the redesigned nose with the extra headlights would mean it’s a 1962-onwards car. This nose was made until 1967, when the actual facelift occurred.

In comparison to yesterday’s , this DS is exceptionally well kept and only has a minimum amount of cosmetic damage. Also, I see no rust anywhere apart from the wheels.

Wacky twin rear registration plate is probably due to the fact that the vertical plate is so deeply embedded you couldn’t see it from a taller vehicle, so a horizontal one is needed. Or whatever.

This is my favorite angle of the car. This shows you all the wackiness with the car, from the roofline’s drooping curvature (steel roof on the estate version) to the weird, weird detailing. Also, you can see the body colour detailing inside the car.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Redusernab/Antti Kautonen]

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