Down on the Amsterdam Street – Alfa Romeo 33 Sport Wagon


Beautiful Italian design, that’s what this is. Especially in dark green. The Sport Wagon version of the later Nuova incarnation of the Alfa Romeo Alfa 33 gives the car a handier amount of interior space, while maintaining the classy glasshouse style.

“Remember to say I hated it.” Sure, Blake.


From this shot, you can see how I neglected to shoot all the modern Porsches and stuff like that, and focused on the things that are important. Like late ’80s Pininfarina designs.


I also had to dodge not only vans but bicyclists. Seriously, there’s a ridiculous amount of bikes everywhere in Amsterdam. You need to be 100% aware of your 360°, 24/7.

Yes, I used the word “dodge” in regards to the white van, but might just as well have said “freightliner”, heh heh.


The badging on this 1.7-litre, boxer-engined Alfa was on its way off the car, due to dents acquired and glue failing.


For a little while, I was convinced all the peppered spots on the doors were rust, but it’s just assorted crap. Maybe the owner habitually drives through pools of bird poo on his daily run.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Redusernab/Antti Kautonen]

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