Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions: Part 5 – Multi-Link Suspension

Two Whole Inches of Travel

Two Whole Inches of Travel

It has a big job every single second your vehicle moves down the road. Springs, shocks, and many mechanical linkages working together to produce a ride desired by the person behind the wheel. Some people like it soft and luxurious, and they buy a full-size Lexus. Some people like it stiff and hard-core, and they buy a Lotus Elise. Some even prefer suspension that is old, and they buy a 1964 Ford Falcon Futura.
There are a few types of suspension setups… but I am going to focus on one here: the Multi-Link Suspension system.
You hear the term “multi link” thrown out fairly frequently these days… but what the hell does it actually mean?
Basically, a Multi-Link suspension uses MUTLIPLE LINKAGES to control, independently, the many forces reacting on the wheels. These linkages control side-to-side, up and down, and in and out.
”]Multi-Link in action (rear view) [Image courtesy of Wikipedia]
The benefit of a Multi-link suspension is that it offers a great blend of good handling AND ride comfort. It can be used to reduce or eliminate torque steer. You can’t have the sweet without the sour, so some of the drawbacks of the multi-link setup include the space required to fit all the components and the cost to design and implement such a setup is higher than a more traditional suspension package.
”]Multi-Link Suspension: Top View [Image Courtesy of Wikipedia]To sum up, a multi-link suspension has three or more controlling arms. These linkages control forces on the wheel in X,Y, and Z directions which in turn provides John Q. Driver with a smooth and solid handling machine.
Popular applications for multi-link setups range from mid-size to large luxury cars, sports car like the Nissan GT-R, and over to heavy-duty rock-crawling where massive amounts of multi-directional movement are required.
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