RAMming Speed Go

I AM RAM(ming this traffic light)!

I AM RAM(ming this traffic light)!

This wonderful example of crumple zone technology mixed with a dash of torque is brought to you by a resident of Alberta, Canada. Apparently, the driver of this Dodge Ram was hanging out in British Columbia, enjoying some of the local adult beverages. Bar A apparently was not as fun as what Bar B had in store for this horribly inebriated and hopefully thrown in jail plucky pilot. That is indeed a traffic light and yes, it is embedded firmly in the grille of that full-size truck.
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Dodge Ram with Lightpole stuck in grillePerhaps the driver was simply nostalgic for a classic, full-size hood ornament?
Dodge Ram with Lightpole stuck in grille
Dodge Ram with Lightpole stuck in grille
Thanks to Dave Krahn for the tip! You will receive some Pah!* in your stocking on Christmas morning.
*Not redeemable for actual Pah!
Seriously though folks… this guy is not a hoon, he is an idiot and hopefully he went to jail before he caused serious problems for anyone else. Don’t drink and drive…

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