Do Not Do As I Have Done…Or Don't Use Walmart Tire

, my little Miata, has been a darling car. I’ve enjoyed a lot of miles with her already. One thing I seem to forget to do, however, was rotate my tires. So this past month I have had the wonderful experience of trying to get tires mounted and balanced before I head off to Germany.
I went cheap.
I went weak.
I went to Walmart.
Let me tell you why that was a mistake. 
Now, before Bradley jumps down my throat, I did buy good tires. I actually replaced my worn Dunlop’s with a new set of Direzza DZ102’s. These are the same tire that I just removed. They provide a great balance of dry grip and wet weather stability. These are good mileage tires that are also sticky as hell, and just act as good all round summer tires. But that’s not why I’m writing this. I am writing this to warn you.

Under no circumstance, if you care about your vehicle, time, sanity, or health, should you go to a Walmart Tire and Lube if you can help it. Granted, they might have done everything correctly to my car, but the experience to get this done was something I haven’t experienced since the last time I waited for my turn at the DPS.
It started after I ordered my tires online through them. I figured “Why wouldn’t I get them mounted there?” That seems simple enough. But what is not simple is the fact that they do not have appointments, guarantees of completion by certain times, or anything resembling 2016 technology. The next sin was when I called and asked if they could fit me in the day my tires arrived in Austin. Which was several days ahead of their wild perdition to have my tires there two weeks after I ordered them
“Sure, come on in! Tires and Oil? Sure thing! I’ll see you when you get here!” – Dude at Walmart
So fifteen minutes later, I am at the disgusting desk in the back of the worst Walmart I have ever been in, and ask to get fit in.
“What? No we can’t fit you in today, who told you that?” – Dude who was on the phone with me less than twenty minutes ago.
And that was the straw. Well, not enough to take the tires somewhere else, because Miata, but enough to mentally write off ever using Evilmart again.
I love my car. And I love myself. Most of the time. And If you love yourself, I want to tell you that any savings Walmart can offer you is not worth the torture of the human soul that is waiting in a tiny, un-airconditioned room with a man with moldy, white dude, dreadlocks, and a TV that doesn’t work. There is no way that any amount you are saving can be worth that. So please, if Bradley can decree to never drive on Primewell’s, I will decree that no hoon should take their beloved whip to a Walmart for service.

Mokoto Out.

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