Dashboards: The 2020 Ford Explorer is doing it well

Sometime ago I wrote a quick article about the dashboard layout of the new/current Ford Expedition. Unfortunately that article is currently unavailable due to the site redesign [Editor’s Note: Post migration has begun but it’s a slow process]. But in it I complained how there were too many buttons on that dash. To make things worse, those buttons were all the same, arranged in identical rows. I mentioned how finding the desirable button required the driver to take his/her eyes off the road.

To be fair, many of those buttons on the Expedition were redundant. Most functions could be performed via the touch screen and Ford’s excellent MyFord Touch system. But it still made the dash possibly challenging or confusing to use for some people. It was a busy and inelegant design.

Ford designers must have that article of mine. Above pictured is the dash of the new 2020 Ford Explorer. And it’s clean and easy to use design. Buttons for HVAC controls and audio system are kept to a minimum. There are temperature toggle switches and knobs for the volume and tune controls. It’s really clean. If the new touchscreen interface is anything like the existing MyFord Touch system, then it will be one of the best in the business.

Good job, Ford designers. I have high hopes for this new Explorer. Below, for reference, is the Ford Expedition dash.

2019 Ford Explorer dash

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