Custom Buick Roadmaster is the Answer

Every younger generation exercises their right to avoid buying what their parents did. Those of us who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s have a deep aversion to minivans. No matter how great a minivan is, and they are great, we will lean towards the gas guzzling SUV. That’s what makes this custom Buick Roadmaster perfect.

Commissioned by Hollywood producer, Ray Stark, this Buick Roadmaster has three forward-facing rows of seating and still one rear facing. Mr. Stark is made his mark on Hollywood with his successful films: West Side Story, The Misfits, Annie, and Steel Magnolias. He must have been doing very well because he reportedly spent six figures on the customization of this sweet, sweet wagon.
There is so much room for activities in the Roadmaster. It has six doors the rear liftgate/tailgate combo. The car is big enough that mandatory evacuation drills need to be practiced. The paint-matched cargo box adds to the usability of the rear-facing fourth row of seats by moving some luggage to the top. There is also enough room for a rooftop tent if you were thinking about safariing the Roadmaster. The breakover angle is so large that it isn’t worth calculating.
The interior is very blue with a modified front bench as the second row and the standard rear seat behind it. A TV/Video Tape Player is also in the second row along with a fold-down desk for the rear passenger. The dash does appear to have suffered some since 1992 and is wearing a blue dash pad.
It possibly has the standard 350/4l60e combo, meaning it’s an LS swap away from big power, burnouts, and some big radius donuts. Who knows how strong the lengthened driveshaft is? But it would be fun to find out.

Is it a candidate for Radwood Royalty on December 2nd? We think so. It only could be beaten by a Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

So don’t buy that minivan, buy this Roadmaster. Your kids’ stories will be better and you will definitely have more fun.

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