Craigslist Egregiousness: Bait-'N'-Switch Temptation Edition

Some might say 'Busa. I say the diesel from a Smart Fortwo. With twin-turbos.

Some might say 'Busa. I say the diesel from a Smart Fortwo. With twin-turbos.

For a classic example of temptation battling rationality we can always turn to Craigslist. Today is no exception.
Über-commenter and all-around car guru Mike The Dog has sent in this example of a Craigslist ad that has the ability to bring your brain to a screeching halt. On the one hand, it sounds like such a fantastic deal you’re afraid to turn it down… but on the other hand, there are warning flags as obvious as search beacons on a foggy night. On the one hand, he promises that the cars “ran when parked” which, as we all know, is both a blessing and a curse. They have been stored indoors, and all have lots of new and repaired parts. They are, he assures us, “NOT rust buckets”, and have been well-loved and cared for.
On the other hand, he assures us that they have lots of parts “…in the car somewhere”, and over the last 25 years have received “some TLC”, and feature “some original documents”. Maybe it’s just me, but the half-hearted enthusiasm raises flags.
Anyone else? What say you, does it make your naughty bits or your spidey senses tingle?
I’m really hoping this isn’t commenter coupeZ600 getting rid of his collection.
HONDA 600 CAR COLLECTION ( version if the posting disappears)

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