Craigslist: 2008 HHR Has Hasty Hopes


I wouldn’t normally be interested in the Cobalt-cum-PT Cruiser that they call the HHR, but this one has so much, shall we say, potential, that I couldn’t pass it up. Why, you ask? Read on and find out! 

I sat in the front passenger seat of an HHR when they first hit the streets, and my only memory of that rental car ride is feeling cramped. In an effort to flatten the roof and make the little wagon look longer than it really is, they removed what little headroom there was to begin with. It feels like sitting in a chopped and lowered Cobalt, which, well, it is. The high belt lines don’t help. Anyway, this car is very different from the plain white model I remember from years ago.

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From the ad:

2008 Chevrolet HHR Low miles 1 of a kind little Hot Rod – $9000 (Maple Valley)

08 HHR. 67,000 miles. 2.2 liter. 5-speed manual. 30+mpg. Lowered 2 inches. CGS Cold Air and Cat-back. Rolled Visor. Dummy Spotlights and lots lots more. Original owner. Dealer Serviced. Every shred of paper work from day one. $9,000.00.
. If this sounds interesting please call 206 979 XXXX. Will not respond to text-message or e-mail.

Well, it’s got the right number of pedals, so that’s a promising start. The low miles combined with the overall good condition of the car make me wonder if this is just a weekend toy for someone. I hate to admit it to you, but the more I look at this HHR, the more I like it. As customs go, this one is pretty good: it’s showy, but it’s not tacky. It’s got just the right touch of chrome, and even the whitewall tires look good here.


Most people would have just slapped some fake hood vents on it or a cheap flame job, but the seller here has done it right, if you ask me. The only thing that concerns me is that price – $9,000 seems like a lot dough for what is basically a 5-door Cobalt. What do you think? Am I crazy for liking this?


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