Cool Cars At A Reasonably Priced Bar

The amBadAssador

For awhile now, I have been stopping on occasion at a bar near work for a beer or three at the end of the workday.  I really love to go there and shoot pool but when the weather is nice you can probably find me on the patio enjoying the sun and sights.  It occurred to me recently that I have accumulated quite a stash of cool/interesting/weird car photos from my beer perch.

That said, I thought I might make a series of posts out of it.  For my first trick I am going to come out swinging with this off the wall contraption.  Behold The Ambadassador!  I think I will just let the pictures speak for themselves, enjoy!



 [nggallery id=152]

Of note, the mural on both sides of the car is a fairly accurate depiction of the cars creator/driver.  A brief chat with him revealed that he has shop somewhere in the area with more of his creations.


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