Commercial Street Car Show

So this olelongrooffan has yet to attend a 417 Cars and Coffee this year but I did get an opportunity to attend the Commercial Street Car Show a whiles back. Now while I have not attended the Cars and Coffee yet this year, my niece, who my fellow Hoons may remember purchased an Acura RSXs earlier this year, has attended every one of them. Yeah, this olelongrooffan is getting pretty long in the tooth when a RSXY young whipper snapper attends more car shows than I do.

Commercial Street here in the Queen City of the Ozarks is a genuine historic district containing structures built during the early days of this Burg. Like many historic districts around these here United States urban area, this one has lived several lives. When this olelongrooffan was attending college here back in the 80’s, Commercial Street was pretty much down in the mouth, so to speak, and along with the many vacant storefronts, there were plenty of dive bars willing to serve a cold pop to pretty much anyone who had an ID resembling the bearer of it and demonstrating a birth year that justified entry. Lately though, the district has turned itself around and, much like the downtown square area, it has become more gentrified.

And hosting old school events such as this car show contribute to the general uplifting of the area. This day, most of the storefronts were open for business and business was brisk. This olelongrooffan, however, was there to see the cars and trucks. That upscale women’s resale boutique be damned. Yeah, cars such as this custom bodied Camero were what I was there to see that day.

Well, maybe not that Camero but this mid 70’s orange Ford F100 sure caught my eye from across the street.

And this blue Camaro was just gorgeous. Love the split bumpers on this 1970 1/2 version. And that blue is dang near the same color as my longroof.

And this Fleetwood is all original and about two miles long.

I didn’t gather am image of the living room couches it possessed as seats but from the rear, the scale of this luxo barge is enormous.

Parked just a ways away was this sweet Plymouth ragtop. Something in me wants to state this is a 1947 but I just don’t remember.

I do know that a whole bunch of folks, including a grandpa and his grandkids, spent a lot of time admiring it. As did I.

Along with this early gen Eldorado.

Now if my fellow Hoons may remember, this olelongrooffan seldom gathers up images of Tri 5 Bowties as there seems to be an inordinate number of them at every show I attend. But this post struck my eye and I had to share it with you. Its perfect stance and nice color combination just did it for me. And where did the builder source that grille?

And this touring car parked in front of the vintage fire station just needed to be shared with my fellow Hoons.

Just down the street a ways was this bright red 65 Chevelle post. I chatted it up with the owner of it and he mentioned this was a big block car from its birth. It doesn’t really trip my trigger but it was nice nonetheless.

This ivory colored post of the same vintage is another story however. I overheard the owners talking to some other dude about it and it was born as a six cylinder, two speed powerglide and the owners had installed a 454 with a five speed and beefed up the suspension to rachet up the desirability of it in some corners. It was nice with fantastic shoes and a great stance but this olelongrooffan? I’d prefer the six/two combination myself. Dog dish hubcaps on this ride would have taken the cake though.

When was the last time any of my fellow Hoons have seen a flame job on the interior of a truck bed?

This classic Studebaker possessed them and they matched the fire out front.

Perched just down the street was this classic Model A sedan.

Next to that sedan was this 1960ish Mercedes “pontoon.” When this olelongrooffan was just a kid, a Catholic priest friend of the family had one of these, black with a red leather interior.

If I’m not mistaken, that one had a four on the column shifter much like this one.

For some reason, the owner had the rear end jacked up and wheel cover off to simulate changing a tire. The jack on this was similar to the one my old Volkswagens had. Oh yeah, available for $15K.

Just next to it was a Willys F-170.

Like most of these seen out in the wild these days, this one was trusty but rusty.

Yeah, there are lots of cool old buildings done on Commercial Street.

Along with a vintage bike shop with this big bicycle parked out front.

I spotted this guy messing around in the bed of this old C10 much like a buddy had back in high school. I think it is a ’65.

And the ponchos were hanging out together.

And this struggling artist was painting up a 56 Belair with a sign offering her services for your vintage ride as well.

I spotted this flyer on the front seat of some ride advertising a car show at the same location where 417 Cars and Coffee is held. This olelongrooffan was planning on attending until I spotted the last line on this flyer. This’ll get a pass from me.

And more bikes.

Wagons Ho!

And more old bikes.

And that old C10? Well, the owner had set up a bunch of Corvette promos on the tailgate and was selling them for five bucks a piece. I call Bus_Plunge to see if he had an interest in them. I thought he might have an interest in displaying them on one of his car haulers.

He initially said to grab them but called me back shortly to pass on the acquisition of them. “My Corvette car hauler is full.”
Image Copyright Redusernab 2016/longrooffan

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