Classic Mini race cars are the originators of three-wheel motion

The 77th Goodwood Member’s Meeting is this April. To get you excited for vintage race car action, the Goodwood YouTube channel is doling out some on-track excitement. We’re starting small here, but sometimes smaller is better. Especially when that bit of small is a real Mini race car.

Some of you may associate three-wheel motion with the lowrider set. That’s fine. That’s a different type of fun. But the original Mini is a tiny titan of three-wheel action. Set its nose into a fast corner, and that inside rear wheel is bound to rise to the occasion.

A 1979 Mini 1275 GT is the subject of the camera lens here. Click play on the video above to see what I’m talking about.

This car rips. It’s blasting around the Goodwood circuit at one hell of a pace during its practice laps. Larger cars appear, are passed, and disappear in that one tiny fender mirror. This Mini is out to make people take notice. This is the car equivalent of the new fish in prison. Rather than accept ones fate of being a potential target, this Mini smacks around some larger fools and sets everyone straight.

Don’t miss with a vintage racing Mini. It doesn’t even need all four of its wheels to kick your ass.

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