Classic Captions Contest – 1998 Chevrolet Camaro Edition

A few things before we begin this episode of Redusernab Classic Captions Contest. First, can you believe this body style Camaro is now twenty years old? Will we start seeing collectors plates on fourth generation GM F-Bodies? I’m definitely looking forward to slapping a blue Wisconsin collectors plate on the back of in a few years and laying off the absurd registration fees our pothole-ridden state has.
Second, I chose this old Camaro advertisement from 1998 because , I needed a pick-me-up after the disappointment. The newest Camaro was looking so good and then they just butchered it. Aging Malibu taillights? Silverado and Imapala-esque front ends to differentiate each trim? Bad move, guys. What are your thoughts on this redesign?
Let’s look at a few of the winning comments from where we took an intimate look at the perplexed Ross family, who recently purchased the hottest car on sale in 1982, the Plymouth Reliant K.

“The Spuckler family gathers around Dolly’s newest bundle of joy, all lovingly wrapped up in her arms – a replacement cylinder head for that garbage 2.2L”-GTXcellent
“Bob isn’t smiling because he just knows that this thing will crap out before 48 months of payments on the $7,482 are up, but after the 3 yr/ 36k mile warranty. Alfred is frowning, wondering just what kind of putz his daughter married.”-P161911
“Pick the cardboard cutout. Edit… And win a K car! Second prize: 2 K cars! (Ok so it isn’t particularly original, but why not…)”-outback_ute 

Keep up the comical commentary folks! On to this episode featuring that green drop-top ’98 Camaro above. Craig and his fiancé, Jill, just left their group “” class at the local YMCA. After a sweaty go on the elliptical and dishing out $9 on a protein recovery shake, the aspiring duo walk out to their new Camaro Z28 convertible. Craig just finished paying off the mortgage on his overpriced condo outside of La Jolla and wanted to reward himself with a new American sports car. Craig also made sure to coordinate his gym bag to match his Camaro, and joked to Jill how he “accidentally” walked out with the locker room towel. Craig was really just excited that he now had a free towel to dry his new whip with after washing it in his driveway. It was his way of “sticking it to the system.”
Now it’s your turn to tell the story, or add on to it. What’s Jill up to with her mile-high pink running shorts? What conversation could the three treadmill slayers in the window, be having? Why isn’t ridiculous  not driving this Camaro? After all, he does look more like your typical Camaro owner.

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