Citroën promo video features merciless hooning, crashing of 2CVs

Citroen_Safety_Video Most Hoons will, like me, wince at the above image of a pair of Citroën 2CVs colliding head-on if for the implication of its wafer-thin body panels yielding to the universe’s oppressive forces like so many 1940-vintage Char B1s. Fret not, Francophiles; this is all part of an early 1970s Citroën promotional video on the brand’s dedication to safety, uploaded to YouTube by Citroën GSection, someone I can only assume to be a connoisseur of the finer cars in life. Sure, the 2CV’s crash tests are a little alarming, but the bevy of road tests not only show the French builder near the time’s leading edge of safety, it also creates some spectacular footage. After the jump, you will see exciting (low-resolution) scenes such as, in no particular order,

  • Load sensors that take up the entirety of the non-driver side of the cabin’s front printing out data in real time.
  • A legitimate DS jump.
  • “Safety.”
  • Luxurious French interior and gauge porn.
  • A demonstration of the 2CV’s ridiculous suspension geometry.
  • An English narrator of highest Look Around You caliber.
  • A man standing unhindered 10 feet from the path of a car with a cut tire during a safety test, possibly smoking a cigarette.
  • Mesmerizing rough-road tests.
  • Bubbles the test driver.
  • Gratuitous runs on a high-banked test track, including a 2CV at full chat.

[][/] If that’s not enough French goodness for you, Citroën G Section has uploaded more great vintage Citroën footage. [Source: Citroen G Section YouTube channel]

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