Chugging into History; The 1982 – 87 El Camino SS by Choo Choo Customs

Image Credit:, owned by Brian Ellison of Pelham. AL

The Chevrolet El Camino is one of those truly unique models spawned by the Ford versus Chevy competition. However, as the sun began to set on the El Camino, a van conversion company offered a styling package that was lifted from the NASCAR inspired Monte Carlo SS, and was made available to every Chevrolet Dealer in the country.

Image Credit: Chevy Enthusiast Magazine

The final generation of the El Camino was based on the new “downsized” Malibu that was introduced in the fall of 1977. Angular in design, it had sharp creases and upright features that was typical of GM styling in the late 1970’s. The Truck/Coupe featured a number of engines throughout the next decade including various Chevrolet and Buick V-6s, a 305 CID V-8, even the ill-fated Oldsmobile sourced Diesel. The factory SS Package offered the 165 HP version of the 305 through 1984.

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