Cars and Coffee Is Ready for Its Closeup


You’ve no doubt heard about Cars and Coffee, the Saturday morning staple that began in a Newport Beach strip mall and grew to take up an entire parking lot (and then some) in the Irvine Business Park that houses Mazda and Taco Bell. You’ve probably even seen the pictures, which offer a taste of the experience, and some of the amazing vehicles that make the scene.

But what is it like to actually experience the event? Well, for those of us who call Southern California home that’s a pretty easy question to answer, it’s effing awesome. For those of you who are not within a reasonable driving distance, or who can’t find it in yourself to get up early enough on a Saturday morning, this cool video by David Mavro will give a taste. And you can even stay in bed to watch it.

Check it out after the jump. It’s got dogs in it too!

[vimeo width=”720″ height=”504″][/vimeo] 

Source: Vimeo

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