Carlisle Import Nationals Preview: 1986 MG Metro Turbo

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Continuing our survey of the rare machinery you’re likely to glimpse at the Carlisle Import Nationals on May 17th through May 19th, provided you spend the more than 10 hours required to see most of the field, here is likely the first MG Metro to appear at Carlisle. This MG Metro Turbo from 1986 was brought into the country a while ago, and its restoration had wrapped up just months prior to its appearance at Carlisle. Last time we took a look at a 1962 GAZ 21i Volga from Carlisle 2012, one that was later flooded in Hurricane Sandy.

And speaking of making appearances at Carlisle, here’s a scheduling tip about the Carlisle Import Nationals that I learned the hard way. Even though the show takes place over three days, Friday is not really the day you want to be there (unless you plan on being there multiple days) as Friday is the day that everyone arrives in Carlisle. Sunday is not really the day to be there either, as that is the day that everyone drives back to their home states. Through the process of elimination (and I’m not talking about the countless British cars that break down on the way to the event), Saturday is the day to be there and is the day you’re going to see the biggest field of cars. Up to 1,300 of them, and all of them furrin’. Now let’s take a closer look at this MG Metro.

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This 1986 example is one of what are believed to be about five Metros in the US. A couple red hatches are on the west coast, one Metro is believed to be in Canada, and another one in North Carolina. This is obviously not the car’s original livery, as these graphics were added during the restoration. I am not usually a fan of overwhelmingly loud graphics on hot or warm hatches, but if the alternative was this car staying Refrigerator White, then this is doubtlessly a good choice made during the restoration. And it lets everyone in traffic know just what it is, so the owner doesn’t have to field questions such as “That some kinda Fiesta?” at traffic lights.

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Speaking of colors, since I haven’t seen a lot of Metros in person (less than 10 perhaps) I am undecided as to what were the best colors for these. But I suspect we have a certain hoon who frequents this website who may be able to tell us not only the best colors for these, but also everything we’ve always wanted to know about MG Metros but were afraid to ask our shop teacher in high school. Or, umm, anyone else for that matter.

The 2013 edition of the only classic car event in America where you’re likely to see a Fiat 124 sedan just a few feet away from a Citroen SM and a Renault Alliance will take place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania from May 17th through May 19th.

[Images: Copyright 2013 Redusernab/Jay Ramey]

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