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Our eBay holiday list has one item – Turbonique Drag Axle

This is no secret: Here at Redusernab, we worship at the altar of the Turbonique Rocket Drag Axle. Co-Founder Tim Odell has written a story about his dream car; the Tobacco King Rocket Galaxie. Former Hoon contributor Alex Kierstein has plied your minds with two stories related to the rocket goodness; one regarding go-karts, and another focused on a rocket-powered drag snowmobile (what an awesome collection of words right there, right?).

Want to add a bit of rocket in your life? Now is the time, fellow Hoons. There is a , and if you have enough cash it could be your Turbonique drag axle.

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Quietly hunting Hemis.

[Our beloved Ambersand submitted this some time ago, and due to my own incompetence I somehow missed it, or forgot about it, or lost it. We tried to get it all polished up and ready to run yesterday, but we weren’t quick enough. As such, we’re running it today. Got an article you think we’d like? Send it to [email protected] for us to review, and maybe we’ll run it on a Submission Thursday sometime soon. I’ll warn you right now, we won’t run everything, and I may send it back to you asking for a re-write. I’m not a total grammar nazi, but your writing voice has to be clear and coherent. Also, if you’re including photos, embedding them in the article is fine, but please include them as attachments to the email as well. Pulling images out of a Word file can be painful. So, that said, click through to enjoy Amber’s contribution!]

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Boss Cat I: 1,000HP of Turbonique Fun in the Snow!

By now you all should be familiar with the paste-eating, babbling, of that legendary purveyor of turbines and turbine accessories, Turbonique. Lest you think that the egregiously dangerous rocket drag axles were limited to dry conditions, may we present for your eye-rubbing, stupefied enjoyment, the Boss Cat I, a Turbonique-equipped 1,000 HP rocket drag snowmobile.

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The Otherwordly Howl of Turbonique

Alex Kierstein November 13, 2009 Nostalgia

Hi, I’m Turbonique. You may remember me from such thrilling films as, Rocket Drag Axle Zombies Attack (in Drag!) and Strict Products Liability My Ass! Do you folks realize that in the wild, carefree days of the ’60s, I sold rocket-powered insanity to a jubilant and un-litigious drag racing crowd? Relive the nostalgia through this promotional gramophone I made, and revel in the madness.

This is My Dream Car: Tobacco King Rocket Galaxie

Tim Odell October 30, 2009 All Things Hoon

As hoons of finite means, we often ask ourselves “if I won the lottery, what would I buy?” This is not to say, that were we suddenly Scrooge McDuck rich, we should only buy one car. It is to ask what car amongst many would we be sure to acquire, the jewel of our collection, a car we must claim for our own regardless of cost. You’ll be hearing from us on the topic every Friday. Get your own dream car writeups ready because there are only so many of us, and eventually we’ll need to hear from you.

For me, that car–the car I would choose to have over all others–is the Tobacco King.

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