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Quick Spin: 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Did you know that there are currently nineteen different plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on sale in the U.S. right now?  Me neither.  In fact, if you asked me to name more than five I couldn’t.  The Volt, , , Hyundai Ioniq and the subject for this Quick Spin, the Mitsubishi Outlander.

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Review: 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL

Having attended high school and college in the northeast in the 1990s, and having been a car geek, my exposure to the import scene was quite formative. Some of the most iconic vehicles of that era were the Diamond-Star Motor cars. The sport cars of that joint venture were the Eagle Talon, the Plymouth Laser, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. All three varied in form from a basic econo model to turbocharged all-wheel-drive slayers. In appearance they were rather similar, with differences being limited to lights, spoilers, and wheels.

Those days are over. Also over are the Plymouth and Eagle brands. Mitsubishi is still here but the company has had better days. To its credit, Mitsubishi is trying to recover. With minor tweaks, each of the variants of the Outlanders keep improving while remaining a budget conscious choice. The Outland Sport, while aged, is not a bad vehicle. The company is also venturing into plug-in electric hybrid powertrains. A solid move. And recently they brought back the Eclipse name.

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2018 Chicago Auto Show: Up-Close with Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Cross

Having talked about this car in an earlier Redusernab post last year, I wanted to finally see it up-close and personal. Mitsubishi’s newest crossover, the Eclipse Cross brings back a familiar name to Mitsu enthusiasts and new car buyers but in a completely different shape. And I think that shape looks quite well.

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Review: 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SEL

Sometime ago I reviewed the Mitsubishi Mirage. I didn’t like it. In fact I called it a turkey. Needless to say, the people at Mitsubishi were not happy about that. A phone call was made and words were said. They could have told me stay away from their vehicles and stick to writing about Ladas.

But they didn’t. In fact, they decided to lend me the 2017 Outlander Sport and told me to give it a look. 

I respect that. I respect it because they don’t pick and choose who reviews their cars. They don’t hedge against those who write honestly and the shills who will abandon their integrity in hopes of receiving a box of chocolates for Christmas.

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Rotten Rental Car Review: Mitsubishi Outlander

What do you do when you’re in rural New York, have the keys to a brand-new car and a few hours to kill before a wedding? You drive! And then write about it. I’ve got the keys to a 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander ES for the next three days and similar to other posts, I always try .
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Turkey Quick Spin: 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage GT

When the small, three-cylinder, Mitsubishi Mirage was introduced in 2014 it got mixed reviews. Some hated it, others said that it was exactly what was expected – a basic, low priced, and fuel efficient automobile. The biggest thing the Mirage had going for it was the fact that it was a brand new car, with warranty, priced under $13,000 and actually selling for a lot less than that.

For reasons unknown, the Mirage took model year 2016 off – it simply was not available. Despite that, its , which is shocking. The vehicle underwent some surgery and came back refreshed for 2017 with new trims and a sedan brother known as Mirage G4.

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Quick Spin: 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR front

I try to write a review of every car I drive, but this is not always possible. In 2015 for many, mostly personal, reasons I missed a few. One of those was the infamous Mitsubishi Evo.

It’s loud. The interior feels at least a decade old. Its five speed manual transmission is a gear short. Its boy-racer looks are a throwback to the first days of The Fast and a Furious and Gran Turismo video game. It wouldn’t be a challenge to write a poetic essay on everything that is wrong with this car, but that would be unfair and shortsighted.

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Video Review: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage DE
…so, I kind of love this car

mitsubishi mirage

I drove the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage recently, and we put together a video review on the car for Autobytel. My initial thoughts were that I would dislike the car, and I’m happy to say that I was totally wrong. It’s a little car that is surprisingly enjoyable. The price is right, the features are great, and that three-cylinder engine makes great noises.

It even has enough power to spin those front tires.

I wanted to share this video review with you because I think some of you will like the car just as much as I do.

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Used Car Reviews – 1987 Mitsubishi Galant E15

I recently had to lead a Mitsubishi-free life for a while, as my 1990 Sapporo spent over a month in an auto shop due to difficulties with parts availability. But instead of taking a holiday from Mitsus, I decided to get to know the humbler Galant version of the same basic architecture slightly better. It’s about perspective, as the Sapporo is basically a fully loaded luxury version of the Galant, and as I’ve tried to rectify the Sapporo’s imperfections for over a year now it might well be that I can’t see its virtues that clearly any more. For a while it felt like a cumbersome square peg in a round hole, when this frosty town showed me I could do with a less complicated car.

The exact models I had in my sights were two 1987 Galants with the 1600cc base engine and entry-level GL trim. I wanted to see if a simpler car was a more satisfying choice. Here I had a sand-coloured sedan seen on the street and a denim blue one I took for a drive.

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Redusernab Weekend Edition: DieselFumes; The Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4X4

Show of hands…. How many of you knew that this truck has been available in North America for more than a decade? They sell in relatively small numbers, and only in a few key locations. Introducing the 2010 Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 4X4.

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