Black Oil & Night Soil: Jam Master J-Series Jeeps

The J-Series Jeep pickup – versatile, capable and short on soft edges.  A full sized pickup, based off the Jeep Wagoneer platform that began in 1962 and stuck around all the way through the mid 1980’s.  Starting off as the Gladiator, this marquee ran till 1972 and then was changed to the J-series pickups.  Several model designations were available according to gross vehicle weight and wheelbase.  J-100 (1/2 ton panel delivery) through J-4800 (3/4 ton, 8000 GVW stake bed) trucks were changed over in 1972 to the simple J-10, 20 and 30 to designate 1/2 ton up to 1 ton.
Most of these were used for serious work, and or off-road adventure. Any still around are often worse for wear, and rusted to ash. Here is a selection of some that are worth a wrenching, or better yet, have had a bunch done.  My personal favorite style feature is the short, center, chrome grille, or ‘Rhino grille’ a feature of the early models.  Love these trucks, and hope to have one myself before long.


  • Sweet sunrise colors on a 1980 Honcho.

    1980 Jeep J10 Honcho

  • Pretty original outside the wonky floor patch.

    1965 Jeep Gladiator

  • More beef and an early grille.1981 Jeep J10

  • Fresh body work means less sadness for you.1963 J20 Jeep

  • Blue J10 has had some welcomed work done. 1976 Jeep J10

  • V8 and 4 speed combination. 1978 Jeep J10

  • Yes, it’s got a gold eagle on the hood. Yes, that makes it awesome.1979 Jeep J10 Golden Eagle

  • You’re gonna wanna do something about that green stripe. 1972 Jeep J4000

  • Seat fabric is dynamite.1980 Jeep J10

  • Fortunately, you can see through the floor to know if there is a brush fire. 1980 Jeep J20


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