Black Oil & Night Soil: Grocery Greatness

When I was a kid, we had a 1971 Ford Country Squire wagon.  It was white, with wood panel sides and a cloudless, blue sky interior. I remember Battlestar Galactica combat in the rear facing seat, huffing exhaust fumes, and sweating from the greenhouse effect of being surrounded by glass and sunlight.  Regardless of its toxic environment, for my brothers and I, it was the action wagon, and our home away from home on vacations, and day trips to visit relatives, or shop at malls.  New York winters are not easy on any car, so after a number of years, the fake wood peeled off, and the doors never drained water when it rained, so they sloshed.  That of course, was until the rust took it over.  Ten years later, everything seemed to drain just fine, including coolant, all lubricants, and my old man’s bank account, from work, done poorly, at Dom’s Sonoco repair station.  In the year of 1981, we laid our Country Squire to rest at Dykman’s scrap yard and my folks purchased a new, root beer brown Honda Civic.
Today, in honor, I decided to do a wagon search, and Sweet Baby Jesus are there a lot of meaty grocery grabbers out there. I must have come up with three times the amount that I had hoped to post. Each and everyone of these suburban steamers are pre-1980, move under their own power and have enough cargo area to toss a grip of kids, or surfboards in the back and go.
Get into it !


  • Tidal waves of wood up the doors and fenders.
  • Coronet 500’s 383 engine is gonna get you to market, and part some rubber on command.
  • Two year only Conestoga’s got some pepper under the hood.
  • Mountains of green.
  • 1963 Newport wagon is sporting enough open window to have a horse climb in.
  • 1973 AMC Ambassador  – Woodgrain speedometer means you’ve got game.
  • 1971 Coronet wagon is set to drag all your surf buddies to the waters edge.
  • 1964 Chrysler Town & Country means that every drive is a vacation.
  • Let the sun in with Vista Cruiser.
  • Next stop – Pearly Gates.
  • 1967 Polara comes with a 3 speed on the floor, police lighting and the toughest tail lights in the business.
  • 1950 Crosley Super has an engine smaller than its battery. Stay thrifty.
  • Cross Country comes with new threads and transmission.


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