Badges? We Don't Need No Stinking. . .Oh Wait, Yeah We Do!

Man, I gotta' get me a Vabis

Man, I gotta' get me a Vabis

Ever wonder what the badge on your car looks like, but were just too damn lazy to get up and walk out to the garage to find out? Or maybe someone once asked you “does the Matra logo look like a stylized rooster?” and you could only shrug and mumble something about cheese-eating surrender monkeys.
Well, your problems are all solved because over at , they’ve amassed a whole butt-load of car logos. From Abadal to Zimmer, it’s a pretty comprehensive collection, but there’s a number that are missing as it looks like the brass radiator age has been given the short shrift, and some – notably Triumph – display only the last iteration rather than the most iconic. So go over and see if you can find your favorite badge, or let them know if it’s missing.

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