Weekend Edition – Seven Unique and Collectible Cars on eBay due to delinquent storage fees…

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What do you say to a business that will take possession of classic or collectible cars for delinquent storage fees? This is about as bad as it gets, and it’s really the fault of all those “Storage Wars” reality television shows, and disgusting “Pawn Broker” shows that seem to be all the rage right now. To my way of thinking, this is really piling on the misery and misfortune of people when they have either lost their job, lost their house, or are going through the heart wrenching reality of divorce. Clowns like this take advantage of these situations, and come out raking in the money at the expense of the unfortunate. I compare them to the “Carpetbaggers” who infiltrated the southern states during reconstruction after the Civil War, as outsiders that took advantage of the situation only to enrich themselves. Anyway, enough of my editorial rant, and on with highlighting these seven cars…

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Weekend Edition – Two Cadillac Cimarron Sedans from the same seller; Cringeworthy or Not?

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Alright then… Audience participation is mandatory this time… When thinking of the worst Cadillac ever produced, does the name Cimarron come to mind? If you answered yes, let me tell you why you are wrong. The Cimarron really wasn’t a Cadillac at all, nor was the Catera that followed, nor was the Europe only BLS. These were cars produced at desperate times from other, more pedestrian models to fill a need within the Cadillac Division. They were not any worse than their contemporaries, just a bad marketing decision. My take is that the real damage to Cadillac was Cadillac only engineering that almost doomed the mark, from the horrible V8-6-4, to the 4100 V8, and the forgettable styling during the 1980s. The Cimarron was actually a very good Cavalier, especially when equipped with the 2800 V6. So let’s take a look at two Cavalier er Cimarron Sedans to see if they have any redeeming value.

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Weekend Edition – Yes, it’s another 1961 Plymouth, only this time, it’s a Wagon!

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Starting out with the Sunday Edition of the Redusernab Weekend, and what do i spot over on eBay? Yes, another 1961 Plymouth. This time instead of a Fury Sedan, it is a Custom Suburban Wagon. A lot of our fans on Redusernab really didn’t get the Sedan from a week ago, but many of our fans are rabid when it comes to Station Wagons… Drink in all the details of this Custom Suburban Wagon, and tell me you wouldn’t want this…

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Weekend Edition – Two Imports from the 70s that are Worlds Apart… Which one would you have?

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Continuing on with our Redusernab Weekend, and here are two different imports from the 1970s. One was very popular here in the States, with its bizarre styling, and simple mechanics. The other is uniquely rare, and in the wrong hands, they tend to break… a lot! One is from Japan, the other from Italy. So, which one would be the right one for you?

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Weekend Edition – A Time Capsule Plymouth Horizon TC-3, now on eBay!

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Continuing on with our Weekend Edition, and look at what we have here. When was the last time you saw an intact Plymouth TC-3 (or similar vintage Dodge 024), let alone one that looks like it came right out of a Reagan Era new car showroom? These cars were haphazardly built when new, and they lost their shine just sitting on the car lots during this time period. 30 odd years later, and one forgets those details when confronted with a machine like this, and what was once considered utter crap, turns into something that is quite desirable… or not…

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Weekend Edition – Two Beautiful Fiat Coupes from the 70’s that will have you saying Belissimo!

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Continuing on with our weekend edition, and here are two very unique, and dare I say beautiful, Fiat Coupes from the 1970’s. Fiat’s from this time period have been known to be extremely fragile, so is it any wonder that these two have remained relatively intact. They are very different as far as their respective markets, but that’s what makes them both so attractive. Let’s discover the high-end Fiat 130 from 1973, and the affordable Fiat 124 Sport Coupe from 1975.

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Weekend Edition – One of the last Chevrolets to wear the name Nomad, and it’s on eBay!

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Welcome to another Redusernab Weekend Edition, where I find something interesting to write about, and you become more enlightened. Take this posting… Show of hands: How many of you knew that Chevrolet used the Nomad nameplate well after the classic 1955 – 57 time period, when it was attached to some of the more memorable wagons ever. Well, after the Tri-Five Chevy’s were redesigned in 1958, the Nomad nameplate was used to designate the “Top-Tier” trim group of the standard wagons, and this went on until 1961. The Nomad name was resurrected in 1968, and was used as the least expensive version of the Chevrolet Chevelle Wagons, until 1972. The Nomad nameplate appeared once again in the late 70’s as a five passenger van with room in the rear for a lot of cargo (or anything else you could imagine!), like this incredibly rare 1977 Nomad. So, is this Nomad desirable or not?

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Redusernab Obscure Muscle Car Garage – The Ford SVT F-150 Lightning


Welcome to the Redusernab Obscure Muscle Car Garage, a regular feature which aims to expand the notion of what a muscle car is, and to see if a truck can fit the definition of muscle car. Could a Pickup Truck be considered an Obscure Muscle Car, and if not, how would you classify a performance “Pickup Truck”? I thought it was time to feature a set of trucks for all of you Ford guys. Let’s take a look at both generations of the Ford SVT F-150 Lightning, and see if they are Obscure Muscle.

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Classic Captions – The 1962 Studebaker Lark Skytop Hardtop Edition


Welcome to the Redusernab Classic Captions Post. This is a series of posts that are set to run this time each week, so let’s review the premise; I search for images that were used by the car companies in their print advertising or brochures, and it is your job to provide a humorous, snarky, or thought provoking caption that is some how tied in with the image. If this week’s image seems familiar, it’s because I have used it in another posting some time ago…


Last week, we had an image of a Japanese Minicar on the Docks, and all the responses were all pretty good. The runner-up comment played off the fact that the doors opened backwards, suicide style. This led to the very funny comment from onrails, and it went something lie this: “Mishi-san… head to Chicago! I hear of a baseball team that is so bad that even their announcer is called Hari Kari!” You should do yourself a favor, and read the very humorous follow-up by OA5599 that really nails it home. All I have to say is very well done onrails.

However, it was our old friend Alff (Yes, again) who came up with the most popular caption this time, and it went like this: “Babe, you may be cute now but when you grow up you’re going to be a brat.” Nice way to tie in with another Japanese Car/Truck from a later time period, so congratulations once again Alff!

It’s now time to take a look at this weeks image. This is a publicity image for the 1962 Studebaker Lark Skytop Hardtop with the cast of the that ran from 1958 to 1966. The stars featured included as Wilbur Post, as Carol Post, and of course, Mister Ed, the talking horse. Studebaker Corporation was a major sponsor for the Mister Ed show, supplying cars to the cast and having screen time within a few select episodes. It all came to an end after the 1963 season when Studebaker fled the country after closing its US operations. So, what do you think Wilbur, Connie and Mister Ed would say to that?

You have the next five days to come up with a great caption. The editors will deliberate entries, and after contemplating our own caption, we will pronounce a winner. So, get to work and create you’re own caption for this piece of television history.

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Question of the Weekend – What do you think of these Automotive “Build” Shows?

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With the advent of Discovery Communications, there seems to be a backlog of Automotive related content the likes we haven’t seen, ever. There are shows that focus on building the most radical cars (Fast N Loud, Overhaulin’, Phantom Works), shows that are geared to the backyard mechanic (Trucks, Muscle Car, All Girls Garage), shows that are focused on Buying and Selling cars (Chasing Classic Cars, Dallas Car Sharks, the Car Chasers), even an import from Great Britain (Wheeler Dealers). They all have a pretty set formula, which can get pretty irritating.

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