Redusernab Wagon Wednesday – Five Affordable Wagons Offered in Hemmings

Welcome to another Wagon Wednesday. Yes, this is another posting about Wagons that are for sale, and they are actually affordable. Yes, they are in fact Malaise Mobiles. No, I won’t be doing a posting on Modern Wagons anytime soon. Yes, I have consumed some alcohol, so what? Let’s see what I came up with…

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Redusernab Modern Art Monday: An AMC Pacer with only 12.2 Miles on the Odometer

So, why am I writing about an AMC Pacer under the banner of Modern Art Monday? Since I’m writing this posting, lets just say its my preference. After all, a Pacer was one displayed in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, and there is a Pacer Wagon on display at a private museum in the Netherlands. So yes, this story belongs under this designation. And look, this is a time capsule with only 12.2 miles on it….

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Redusernab Weekend Edition – Toot Toot! Here Comes The Beer Train!

To long time Redusernab fans, many of you know we have a Hoonicast every-so-often. Many of you are also aware that we also have a similar get together called the , and it looks like our delivery will be held up…. Take a look at what happens when when you try and bring home the beer with your, well, you will just have to find out by making the jump…

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Redusernab Weekend Edition – A 1969 Mini Cooper Limousine on eBay

Continuing on with our “Tips Line In-Box Clean-up” Weekend Edition, here is a tip from our very own Tim Odell on an unusual Mini that is currently listed on eBay. Well, it used to be Mini, but now it’s Maxi!

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Redusernab Weekend Edition – A 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup on Craigslist

Continuing on with the Weekend Edition of tips, here is a 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup that was once owned by a clown….. no really, an actual CLOWN. Thanks again to Muthalovin (Thanks Man!) for finding this gem on Craigslist, and sharing it with us….

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Redusernab Weekend Edition – The Best Craigslist Ad Ever….

Continuing on with our Weekend Edition, we received this tip from Muthalovin (thanks man!) about the best Craigslist Ad EVER! See if you agree…

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Redusernab Weekend Edition – A Lancia Beta Berlina on eBay

Welcome to another Redusernab Weekend. I thought I would start out by cleaning up our email in-box with the tips and suggestions we receive from enthusiastic fans. And why not start with a rare and unusual Lancia that was offered here in the states for a very short time, and is now for sale on eBay. (Hat Tip to Richard Scroggs)

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Redusernab Fastback Friday: What is Your Definition of a Fastback?

Welcome to another edition of Redusernab Fastback Friday. Almost seven weeks have passed since I did a Fastback Friday posting, and that was all about the Isuzu Impulse and Piazza. That my friends is way too long, so for this edition of Fastback Friday, I thought it would be fun to try and find out what a Fastback really is. There has been fierce debate within the Verse that is Hoon about this very topic since we debuted this feature, and now its your turn to decide once and for all how to define the term “Fasback”….

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Redusernab Weekend Edition – A Vintage Low-Speed Electric Vehicle

So you live in a village that promotes the use of a low-speed electric vehicle like Catalina Island, and you don’t want one of those dorky looking customized Golf Carts many of the residents use. You want something that makes you look menacing, like a rebel without a cause (well, as much as possible with what is essentially a golf cart). Presenting this 1963 Kelsen, finished in matte black. It looks menacing…. well, maybe not.

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Redusernab Weekend Edition – A Jeep Wagoneer 4X4 With Independent Front Suspension

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of Redusernab Weekend. Kaiser introduced the world to the Wagoneer way back in 1963, designed by the renowned designer Brooks Stevens. This was a large wagon that seemed to live on forever as a Kaiser, as an AMC, and as a Chrysler. Almost every one of these Jeeps were sold with 4WD capability, with a solid front axle and leaf springs. However, there was a unique and short lived option available on the Wagoneer and the companion Gladiator pickup; 4WD AND an independent front suspension….

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