Two-Wheel Tuesday: The False Neutral Podcast #76 – Just Re-Do It

All three of your hosts are present again this month. We all have workshop progress to report, including the CL125S, Bultakenstein, the TX750, and Eric’s XS400. I discovered the current location of the bike that was the subject of my very first Redusernab article. We then go on to discuss Yamaha’s E-bikes, Husqvarna Vitpilen 701, and follow up on some old show topics and listener comments.

False Neutral – Just Re-Do It!

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Two Wheel Tuesday: The False Neutral Podcast #75 – Diamond Jubilee

The False Neutral crew dives into our third year of podcasting with some tragedy (mechanical and human) some comedy, and a slapstick pratfall. We’ve managed to do a bit of work on our bikes, and there’s a whole lot more work to do that we’re still scheming about and planning. We discuss DIY carbon fiber, leaky fuel tanks, low pipes vs high pipes, and the conundrum of disposing of hazardous liquids.

Somebody buy Eric’s Mustang so he can buy a Tuono.

False Neutral – Diamond Jubilee

Two Wheel Tuesday: The False Neutral Podcast – “Everything Needs Fixing”

Pete, Eric, and Garrett are all on hand this month. We update you on all the things that need fixing, including Garrett’s dirt bikes, Pete’s house, and Eric’s shoulder. We discuss Harley’s news: a factory closure, X-Games snow hillclimb, and production electric bike announcement. That leads to an examination of Moto-E’s upcoming electric spec class, and we debate the pros and cons of spec class racing in general, before moving on to a variety of other topics. If you’re suffering from cabin fever, share some time with us.

False Neutral – February 2018 – Everything Needs Fixing

Two Wheel Tuesday – An Interview with Ducati’s Jason Chinnock

BONUS EPISODE! Eric had the chance to interview Ducati North America CEO Jason Chinnock. Jason was in Detroit for a local launch of the new Panigale V4 and Panigale V4S. He was gracious enough to sit down and talk about the current Ducati lineup and where he sees the company going forward.

This bonus episode in addition to our monthly podcasts. Our next regular episode will appear in mid-February, on schedule.

False Neutral – BONUS Interview with Ducati North America CEO Jason Chinnock

Two Wheel Tuesday: The False Neutral Gets A Reboot

Pete, Eric, and Garrett are together again as we reboot the False Neutral as a monthly podcast. The line-up and topics will be the same as ever. For January, we discuss the scarcity of plating shops, the bogus nature of Facebook promotions, and the evils of modern fuels. We also update you about work on our project bikes. Spoiler: Pete & Eric have been working on snowblowers and generators more than bikes.

False Neutral – January – We’re Baaack!

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Redusernab Asks [Two-Wheel Edition]: What’s your favorite form of motorcycle competition?

Whether or not you ride, there is probably a form of motorcycle sport that you find interesting. Baja, dirt track, roadracing, hill climbing, LSR… pretty much any form of auto racing has a two-wheeled equivalent. Plus, there’s unique bike events such as grass track racing and speedway. Beyond racing, there are other forms of competition not judged with a stopwatch, such as freestyle and observed trials. Bikers have come up with a bazillion ways to stress their bikes, abuse their bodies, and pummel the planet’s surface: which one intrigues you the most?

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons (, , , ); Redusernab (5, 6); ARRC (); ActionshotsNH ()

Project Bike SOTU 2017: Honda CL125S

IT LIVES! Having just come back from a cruise through my neighborhood, I can report with some excitement that my ’74 Honda CL125S is officially back on the road. Regular readers will recall from past Project Car SOTU articles that I bought this bike in April of 2014 in an attempt to recapture the sensations of my first motorcycle: a one-year-older CL125S that I bought in 1980 at the age of 17. Unfortunately, despite a healthy engine, this second trip down memory lane quickly turned out to be in unexpectedly sorry shape. I’ve had to do at least some work to nearly every component outside the engine cases, including a custom exhaust system.

My original intention to do a stock restoration was quickly abandoned because the original Honda parts were all either 1) impossible to find or, 2) obscenely expensive. The instruments, turn signals, switchgear, handlebar levers, and throttle have now been replaced with non-OE parts, removing from the rider’s view nearly all the vintage parts that reminded me of my first bike to start with. Unfortunately, the process was not as smooth as I hoped it would be. The six-volt electrical systems on small Honda motorbikes of that era are notoriously poor; after four decades of poorly executed patches and repairs by previous owners and the whole thing was a diagnostic quagmire.

Add in a mismatched selection of “universal fit” parts made in Indonesia, and things got unexpectedly complicated.
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Project Bike SOTU: Bultakenstein

“Bultakenstein”, for the uninitiated, is my ongoing attempt to learn all the skills required to build a custom motorcycle by actually doing all the steps myself, from scratch. And I do mean from scratch. When I started, I had a frame, wheels, a swingarm and a fuel tank, all salvage parts not just from different models, but from different manufacturers and even different continents. Since then, nearly all the components I’ve added have been used parts purchased inexpensively off Ebay or Craigslist. I’ve been working on it on and off for almost six years, and while the rate of progress has been somewhere between glacial and tectonic—nay, nearly Wombatic—I manage to do a bit every few months. In the past year, I have made progress in three areas: the front suspension, the rear engine mounts, and the rear frame loop.
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Two-Wheel Tuesday – 19,000 RPM: All Day, Every Day

Thanks to their tiny pistons and rods, production 250cc four-cylinder street bikes could safely access engine speeds that would turn larger engines into jackhammers—and before too long, molten metal. At one time, all the Big Four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers built 250cc fours. But the cost of a high performance four doesn’t change too much based to displacement, so they were never imported into the big-bike-loving U.S., and due to that rather high cost-to-performance ratio these tiny, high-revving wonders are now extinct worldwide. But folks in places like Australia were able to sample this forbidden and super-exotic moto fruit. The custom hybrid featured in this video is a bit of an Internet star, having the higher performance, peakier Kawasaki ZX2R engine slotted into a standard ZR250 Balius chassis. The free-flowing exhaust provides a spine-tingling soundtrack to what is admittedly a fairly ordinary trip through city traffic on a 45 HP bike. But the rider’s cackling laugh demonstrates the endearing thing about these little four-cylinder bikes: even heading to the corner market, you could feel like a racing hero.

Rumors began percolating last month when a spokesman within Kawasaki said the company was “seriously considering” developing a new 250cc four to compete against the parallel twins Yamaha and Honda’s currently offer in that segment. It would be a risky move, but I for one would love to see one of these little screamers make a comeback.

False Neutral #58: Steve Ledsham of JAL Restorations

This week’s episode features England’s Steve Ledsham, the man behind JAL Restorations. We wanted to have Steve on based on the stunning catalog bikes he has built and restored. Unfortunately, this episode was fraught with production issues. First, Garrett on the west coast had to wake up at 5 AM to address the transatlantic time difference. Secondly, the sound quality is marginal. Steve sounds a bit like he’s talking to us from under the Atlantic, even after hours of trying to massage the audio to make the voices more distinct. Add in Steve’s British accent and you have a podcast you’ll have to listen to closely. But do it, because Steve is a true master craftsman, with a wealth of knowledge and great stories to tell.

False Neutral – Steve Ledsham of JAL Restorations

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