False Neutral #19: It’s A Small World After All

This week, it’s only Garrett and me, as “Eric T” (if that’s even his real name) is busy moving into a new home. We discuss my recent turn as a presenting judge at the , which led to a couple of uncommonly coincidental connections. We go on to discuss some of Honda’s late ’80s flops-turned-cult-bikes, and wonder about what future cult favorites we’re ignoring now.

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False Neutral #18: I Don’t FEEL Tardy…


This week’s episode was devoted to catching up. I had just returned from nine days in Alaska, and Garrett had also been traveling, so we hadn’t spoken in a while. Eric and Garrett each caught up on project bike maintenance. I had to catch up on the conversation after dropping into the conversation about ten minutes late (after staying late at work to, you guessed it, catch up on office tasks). I showed up just as Garrett was wanting to taunt me about the FZ-10. And my leathers. (Yes, again.) We went on to catch up on lots of other topics we’ve discussed in the past, including the deadly happenings at this year’s Isle of Man TT. We did manage to talk about some new stuff: how VW’s woes might affect Ducati and a couple of new motorcycle models we had not discussed previously.


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Classic Captions – ’76 Dodge Aspen R/T Edition

Dodge Aspen R/T
It’s Monday, which means you could probably use a mental jog and a bit of fun to brighten your day. What can do both? Well, Redusernab’s Classic Captions Contest, of course! This week, we have a sporty young lady posing court-side with her ’76 Dodge Aspen R/T, both wearing white with avocado accents. What clever caption can you make from this overdose of 1970s fashion cues? And what captions made the grade from last week? Hit the jump to find out!
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False Neutral #17: Rule Britannia


At nearly an hour and twenty minutes, this is our longest non-two-parter yet. We eventually get around to talking about British bikes, both classic and modern. Before that, however, we go back to catch some oddball bikes we neglected to talk about in Episode #14, and spend some time discussing a couple of bikes we do (and don’t) want. I’m searching for a modern supplement to the CL125S, while Garrett wants a new FZ-10…and my old leathers.

Two Wheel Tuesday: Enjoy your commute! (My ode to the 1977 RD400 sales flyer)
(Alan Cathcart’s test ride of the 1923 front-wheel drive Megola Sport)

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Classic Captions – ’54 Lincoln Edition

This week’s old-timey ad image contains not one car, but three differently outfitted 1954 Lincolns, skillfully chosen to show the car’s multi-faceted something-or-other. Or perhaps, they just happened to parked next to each other. What the ad men wished to convey is immaterial, of course, because what we’re interested in is what you make of all this — or more accurately, what witty thing you can make of it. Leave a comment, a narrative, a song parody, or even a photoshopped image below. You might achieve fame, fortune, and a minor mention in next week’s installment.
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False Neutral #16: She’s A Grand Ol’ Flag

It’s an all-American episode in honor of Flag Day! Our Harley-riding Hooni-friend Wayne Moyer joins your three regular hosts for a spirited discussion of American bikes and the state of the American motorcycle industry. From Harley and Victory to Motus and Rokon, it’s a great episode — except for that unfortunate part when we lose Eric in a tragic house fire.

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Classic Captions – ’67 Chevy Nova SS Edition

1967 Chevrolet Ad-09

The third installment of the reconstituted Classic Captions Contest features a 1967 Chevy Nova, along with either a pair of very different twins, or perhaps two sides of the same woman’s personality. Which is it? That’s not up to me, but you. Provide a your explanation as to what’s afoot here in the comments. If you can manage to find a clever play on the scene and the car, you might be this week’s top vote-getter!

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False Neutral #15: Bikes, Cars & Everything In-Between with Bradley Brownell


In this very special Redusernab Podcast Network crossover event, Brad (aka Tub of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast) joins us for a Bradsport™-Infused discussion of the curious differences between the car world and the bike world. It takes a while for us to even get to our topic, as we discuss hipsters and coffee snobs first, and almost as quickly things take a left-turn into a discussion of Porsches. Eventually, we get around to talking about bikes. But regardless of what we’re discussing, everybody has a great time. Bradley is a genuinely nice guy and was terrific fun to have on the show.

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Classic Captions – 1976 Mustang II Ghia Edition


The reboot of the Redusernab Classic Captions Contest two weeks ago was well received, and after skipping a week (due to the low traffic normally seen on a Monday holiday), we’re back with another vintage automobile publicity photo for you to mock get creative with. This time it’s the most malaise-y of Mustang IIs, the formal-roofed, puffy-vinyled Ghia notchback, at a small airport. Why is it parked on the apron, who are those men, and what is going on? That’s all up to you.
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False Neutral #14: Oddball Bikes


After first catching up on what’s going on with the bikes in our garages, we explore the oddities of the motorcycling world: rotary, six-cylinder and turbo engined bikes, super huge and tiny bikes, and otherwise normal bikes with odd features.

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