Wagon Wednesday: Volkswagen Passat W8 Wagon


I was out perusing Craigslist again (when will I learn?), and stumbled upon quite the rarity: a manual-transmission-equipped Passat W8 wagon. For the longest time, I was convinced that these were a myth, a Teutonic creature created to strike awe and fear into our hearts. Well, my heart may not fear it, but my wallet sure does. 

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For Sale: Corniche Coupe

Shant Jaltorossian February 28, 2014 For Sale

I have a particular admiration for Rolls-Royce. I do, however, dislike rear doors. Adding to this issue is the fact that I also dislike non-roadster convertibles. That leaves us with coupes. Rolls-Royce hasn’t traditionally been known as a maker of “drivers’ cars”, of course, so where do I turn?

I’d fancy a Camargue, but the ungainly Corniche coupe is considerably more attainable. I found just one on my local Craigslist site, and it’s far from perfect. The interior seems to be nice and clean, but there is some visible rust on the outside. As for the underside, there is no information given. Also… there’s the price.

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Found on Craigslist: Merkur XR4Ti

Shant Jaltorossian January 27, 2014 For Sale


Do you ever think to yourself “Gee, Fords are neat and all,  but not quite special enough”? I was perusing my local Craigslist (as I often do), and came across this XR4Ti. I’m no expert on 1980s Ford products, but this sure does look nice to my untrained eyes. I’ve been MIA for some time, and figured I’d mark my return to Redusernab with something you don’t see everyday.

Skip past the jump to check it out.

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For Sale: Maserati Khamsin that’s been defiled by satin darkness

Shant Jaltorossian September 23, 2013 For Sale


Maserati holds a special place in my heart, above its overachieving sibling Ferrari. Of special note in my love letter to Maserati are the models developed under the auspices of Citroën, which owned the Italian automaker for a time. Perhaps the greatest of these cars was the Khamsin, a gran turismo quite unlike its peers. I recently went on Craigslist to browse the Citroën offerings when this showed up.

I don’t even know what to think.

There are several words that come to mind: travesty, defiled, and incomprehensible. 

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Craigslist: 1980 Mercedes Benz 280SL with a manual transmission


I like the Mercedes-Benz SL. Actually, let me rephrase that: I like the SL up until the end of the R129-era car. The newer ones do absolutely nothing for me, but the classics have always been the archetypal open-topped grand tourer in my mind. Unfortunately, to Americans, grand tourer means automatic everything. Which is a shame really, and means that R107 and R129 SLs with manual transmissions are rarer than a cold day in hell.

I figured I’d try my luck on Craigslist again, and found this: a 280SL in the brownest of browns.

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UPDATED! – now with proper link! -KK

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SACREBLEU!!! Or: Citroën H-van Makes Me Swoon.

Shant Jaltorossian August 13, 2013 For Sale


My love for all things Citroën should come as no surprise to you. I, being the masochist that I am, love to peruse Craigslist for all things French and bizarre, and happened to run across this.

If you’re an eccentric bohemian who finds Volkswagens to be far too mainstream, this just may be the perfect counterculture van for you. The “H-Van” is very difficult to find on this side of the Atlantic, especially in this nice a condition.

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Ford Sale: Thunderbird Wagon

Shant Jaltorossian August 7, 2013 For Sale


First of all: the third generation Ford Thunderbird is a gorgeous car. Second: wagons, especially in two (three?) door form are awesome. Combine the two, and you get this. 

Just look at it.

I probably shouldn’t lust after a car, but if that’s wrong, lock me up.

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For Sale: AMC Spirit AMX


Clearly, I’m a masochist, given the number of classic car ads I’ve gone through despite not having the ability to get one. Well, here’s another one. This one is a bit more special then most.

Muscle car fans worth their salt should be well aware of the 1968-1970 AMC AMX. Fewer know about the AMX package available for the 1971-1974 Javelin. Almost no one knows about the AMX trio of the late 1970s: Hornet, Concord, and Spirit. 

Here is an example of the final AMX, the Spirit. This seems to be in respectable shape, especially compared to the rusted heaps that most Malaise Era AMCs are. If a King Cobra Mustang II isn’t obscure enough for you, this should be just about perfect.

The AMC lunatic in me wants this, despite its many shortcomings. I am beyond hope.

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For Sale: a Trio of Coupes


While Volvo’s 200 Series is respected by the lunatic fringe cultured car enthusiasts, most of that love is directed toward the 240 Turbo. My love, on the other hand, tends to go to the black sheep of the family: the 262C. 

In my never-ending quest to find a 262C with a manual transmission, I came across an unusual offer deep within the wastelands of Craigslist. What we have here is three Volvo coupes for sale by one truly dedicated seller: two 262C models, one of its successor, the 780.

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For Sale: FIAT 600 Multipla


There are few things I love more than rear-engined Italian microcars. Amongst those few are rear-engined Italian microvans. Signore e signori, I give you the FIAT 600 Multipla.

The FIAT 600 (pronounced say-chento) little-loved big brother to the 500. In an effort to bolster 600 sales, FIAT put together a tiny van using bits and pieces from the corporate parts bin. The final result was this: a cab-over monovolume that looked like it was traveling backwards.

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