FX32 Lemons Build Update


The guys at Stick Figure/Volitile Ram Racing continue to amaze.  They have the (Mr.) FX32 right on schedule to make it to Sonoma in March.  For anyone who isn’t familiar with this project, it boils down to this:  Weld the back half of an MR2 to the front half of an FX16 to make a single race car with two seperate drivetrains driving all four wheels.  What could go wrong?

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(MR.) FX32 Lemons Build Update


Previously called Mr. FX, the name is changing to FX32.  Whatever the name, the car is coming along nicely.  Click through for several pictures of the madness.

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1970 Plymouth Products: Through The Eyes Of A Returning Soldier

Gary had served two tours in Vietnam during the late 1960s.  He was a crew chief and a door gunner in a helicopter unit for his entire stint in the war.  Truly harrowing and heroic stuff.  For those three years, he saved his military pay, hazard pay, and combat pay.  Then, a few months prior to his discharge, while at the P.X., he saw this advertisement for the brand new 1970 Plymouth linup of cars. 

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MR FX: Dual Drivetrain Lemons Build Update

MR1When last we left our group of idiotic racing enthusiasts, they had just taken a dull sawzall blade to a rusty MR2…

It’s at this point of a project that many ambitious and enterprising folks take a step back, assess the situation, and realize they this thing will never run and that they were morons to take even a single step down this insane path.  Our team is certainly not that smart, so onward we go.

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Wagon Wednesday: Safari Gold Datsun 510

Scott Ith January 9, 2013 Wagon Wednesday

Some of you may have seen this 510 listed for sale about a month ago.  Well, the buyer was unable to follow through with the purchase.  (For the record, he was not a typical deadbeat bidder; he just came across some unforeseen circumstances.)  So, it’s up for sale again and the reserve is already met. 


When an ebay aution completes, but the buyer doesn’t or can’t pay, ebay requires the seller and the buyer to mutually cancel the transaction in order for the seller to not be charged the final-sale-value based fee.  It is only after the transaction has been cancelled officially that the seller can actually re-list the item.  Finally, after a month, this 510 is back on the automotive version of Match.com, plying its wares in search that special someone. 

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Teaser: The MR4…Or FXR2…

mrolla[image: naption.com]

The guys over at Stick Figure Racing built one of the coolest Lemons cars of all time –  The MRolla, which is the back half of a Toyota MR2 and the front half of a Toyota Corolla.  It’s mid-engined, it’s front engined, it’s rear wheel drive, it’s front wheel drive, it’s an automatic trans, it’s a manual trans… In short, it’s everything I ever wanted in a car. 

So what do you do if you have the only twin-engined, AWD car at the track?  You build another one so it doesn’t get lonely. 

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In-Car Lemons Highlights: Thunderhill 2012


What’s better than more posts about the 24 Hours of Lemons?  More posts featuring me, that’s what.  After the break, you’ll find what amounts to a highlight video from my (first-ever) stint in a Lemons car.  The car?  Why, the 2011 HCOTY, the Killer ZomBee, of course. 

Don’t click though if you don’t like self-indulgence.

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Wagon Wednesday: Ebay Find 1939 Ford Phantom Woodie

Scott Ith December 12, 2012 Wagon Wednesday

Henry Ford got into the business of building depot hacks, or station wagons, very early on.  The first station wagons were generally just a standard cab of a car or truck with some wooden seating attached to the back of the car.  They were usually used to transport passengers and luggage to and from train stations (or depots) – thus the name.

This woody deviates from Henry’s original utility-based design just a bit…

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HCOTY 2012 Nominee: 1990 Utilimaster Aeromate


I remember it well.  I was having a barbeque at my house with some of my friends.  Ray and Cory were supposed to be back from their trip to Texas before the party started.  The phone rang, and I heard this one-side of the conversation:  

Cory’s wife:
“Oh no, where are you?”
“New Mexico?  You are supposed to be here, we are about to eat.”
“Ok, be careful.  Hey, since you are in New Mexico, will you bring me back some shiny rocks? (Pauses, looks at the other attendees at the party) You guys want Ray and Cory to bring you anything from New Mexico?”
Random shouts from assemblage: 
“Oooh, bring cheap booze!”
“How about some fireworks?  Do they sell fireworks in New Mexico?”
“Bring me a dream catcher!”
“Don’t forget the shiny rocks!”
Cory’s wife, again speaking into the phone: “See you tomorrow.”  (Hangs up) “He didn’t think that was funny at all.” 

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Exhaust Note: Guy Plays Jingle Bells With Throttle

What needs said that isn’t in the title?  The dude plays Jingle Bells with the throttle of his car.  Click through and watch.

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