2016 Ford F150 Lemon Law Saga

Last night, I dropped my F-150 off at the dealership where I originally bought it. After that, I picked up a refund check.  I owned it for nearly one year. During that time it spent 47 total days in the shop with engine problems. 

After filing all the required forms and dealing with Ford and the Better Business Bureau, and then waiting almost 7 weeks, the matter was finally resolved.  The resolution was for Ford to “repurchase” the vehicle from me. 

This basically amounts to a full refund of the price of the truck, sales taxes, license, and registration.  Was it difficult?  Not really, though it was fairly involved.  Was it adversarial?  Not at all.  Was it worthwhile?  I would say yes, because even after all the repairs, I don’t trust that the truck will be reliable long-term . 

Do you need to hire an attorney? Maybe.  Below is the story of my truck and information on how to file a Lemon Law claim.

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Oddball Project: $21 eBay Stereo

Scott Ith July 18, 2018 All Things Hoon

I’ve been daily driving a thirty year old Toyota FX16 and the aftermarket head unit up and died a couple of months ago.  So, as usual, I took to the internet to see what high fidelity options are out there.  The first result for “Bluetooth Car Stereo” on eBay was $21.  Too good to be true?  I had to find out.

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What’s better than a manual transmission? Two manual transmissions!

(Photo likely stolen from )

Some of you may remember the FX32, a twin-engine Corolla/MR2 mashup that the insane crew of Stick Figure/Volatile RAM racing put together back in 2013. Well, it still runs, and it’s still racing – now with MOAR manual transmissions!

The original design was sort of a “soft-coupling” system where the rear engine had an automatic transmission and the front was manual. We would just put the rear in “Drive” and then drive the car as if it was a single-engined manual car.

The problem with that approach was it didn’t maximize the power of the rear engine. It would get all confused about what it was supposed to be doing, as the driver had the throttle wide open through second gear, then closed for a beat then wide open again. It would shift up when the throttle was lifted, then downshift again, etc…

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1931 Chevrolet Build Update


There has been progress on the ’31 Chevrolet hot rod/rat rod. This is slow work, since we are making it up as we go, but we are moving forward. At last update, we had added some patch panels to the body and were trying to shore up the shell so it could be moved around without it collapsing like a house of cards. Though the photo above may look like it collapsed, it actually represents quite a lot of progress.

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Found on eBay: 1991 Ford SkyRanger

Scott Ith May 22, 2015 All Things Hoon


The obvious question, when looking at this Modified Ford Ranger, is, “What the hell is going on here?” It has a body kit, and a wing at the front of the bed…and at the back! Ground effects and 4×4 trucks don’t usually make great bedfellows, but that’s none of this truck’s business. Oh, and let’s not forget that convertible top and the killer tape stripes.

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Project Car SOTU Straggler: 1931 Chevrolet 5-Window

Scott Ith May 12, 2015 Project Cars

This is not my car, but it is in my garage, and all of my projects are on hold for the moment, so here’s an update on my friend’s 1931 Chevrolet 5-window coupe, which we dragged out of some guy’s back yard a few weeks ago.

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Event Preview: Viva Las Vegas 2015

vlv lede

The 18th annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is about to kick off at the Orleans Casino/Resort in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Rockabilly is the name of the game at this event. From the cars to the fashion to the music, it’s all rockabilly, all the time. This oddly specific event features a car show for strictly pre-1963 vehicles which must be done in the style of the era – no billet wheels or pro-touring cars allowed.

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Hoonivercinema- Monday Bonus Music Video

Gardena stock car race

This lede image is, sadly, not part of the music video here.  In fact, it isn’t a video at all, but it is a link to a Drive-By Truckers song called “Daddy’s Cup” on YouTube. The song is all about a father and son who live their lives for racing.  Given the subject matter, I have deemed it worthy of the Redusernab.

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Classic Toy: 1974 Toyota Hilux

Scott Ith January 20, 2015 All Things Hoon, For Sale


Small trucks are pretty much a thing of the past. In the automotive industry, the segment’s death has been much-lamented, at least in the auto-journo realm. If you want a miniature pickup truck that will deliver good gas mileage and great utility, you’ll have to look to the past. This Hilux, for sale in Salt Lake City, fits the bill perfectly.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers: Aftermarket Fender Flares


My name is Scott and it is on these pages that I wage my lonely battle. The battle, that is, against aftermarket fender flares. Sadly, this may not be a popular opinion, but lets take a look at a couple of examples of vehicles that look better as-produced than they do with random stuff screwed to their sides. (By the way, all vehicles fall into this category.)

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