An Ode to Ye’ Olde Saturn

You’re a college graduate, with student loans and need something reliable and cheap to get around in. What do you seek out? Like any gearhead, I spent hours on Craigslist and other online classified posting sites for the perfect beater err. second car to drive everyday. I ended up with the keys to a $2,000 Saturn. Why on earth would someone buy an 18-year-old, forgotten orphan child of the GM family? What car nut buys a 1995 Saturn SL1? Me. 

(Pre) Last Call: Rear Seat Entertainment

Robby DeGraff August 2, 2013 Last Call

In-car entertainment systems have come a loooooong way since I was a child in the 1990s. Vehicles on sale today have an assortment of rear-seat multimedia systems. From iPads in headrests, flip-down BlueRay DVD players and minivans with two separate displays; if you want to stare at a screen while on the road, it’s easier than ever. Heck, you can buy aftermarket entertainment systems that can be had and installed for under $300.

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Come Out and Have Some Fun- Rally New England Stars Next Week!

If you’ve never participated in a road rally, you’re missing out. Big Time. There are plenty of real non-profit rally organizations around the country like ,  and , who put on affordable road rallies every year, with one goal in mind: deliver a fun driving adventure while helping out those in need.

The five road rallies I’ve done within the past year have taken me down Route 66, through the winding roads of Appalachia and across more states I can count on two hands.  For up to seven days at a time, it’s you, your navigator, your prized set of wheels and dozens of other cars and teams.

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Get on a Motorcycle and Get Lost

Get out on your motorcycle and get lost. Forget the maps, forget the Foursquare check-ins and forget the GPS. Just, get, lost.

I started riding about two-years ago, when I returned from. Over there, motorbikes (scooters) and motorcycles dominate the roads. It’s impossible to live without one. Riding around on the back of friends’ 50 cc Hondas, Suzukis and various knock-off brand motorbikes, weaving at the helm through the chaotic  introduced me to the two-wheel lifestyle. You get scared, absolutely terrified, riding around with millions of other motorbikes and motorcycles just inches from you. Traffic patterns seem frantically confusing at first, but after a few minutes, time just seems to slow down. The thick, exhaust-fume filled ai dissapears, while the buzzing engines and honking go to mute.  Then you realize, that stampede of two-wheelers flows almost orechestraly and uninterrupted. It’s sheer brilliance. 

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Buy a Vixen, get a free Yugo! Face-to-Face with the Vixen 21

“WHAT ARE YOU?” was the first thing out peoples’ mouths when what appeared to be a big white Dustbuster vacuum cleaner from the 1980s wearing BMW badges, showed up at our weekly car show. At first glance I thought it was a vehicle from “Spaceballs.” We get all sorts of crazy and cool variety at our , but this was a surprise. People flocked to it like it was covered in gold, and I immediately sought out the owner to learn more. You’re looking at a Vixen motor home.

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